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¿Que es Hard Tepache?

Tired of bland hard seltzers and sweet hard ciders? Find hard kombucha a bit too bitter? In need of a canned, ready to drink alternative to your favorite natural wine? Look no further!

Introducing Crooked Owl Hard Tepache

Unconventionally crafted and steeped in heritage, Crooked Owl Hard Tepache is a sessionable, shareable replacement for conventional beyond beer beverages. Crooked Owl Hard Tepache is crisp, refreshing, and teeming with shelf stable live cultures and antioxidants. From slightly sweet to a touch of heat, our distinct and inspired flavor profiles offer something unique and enjoyable for every palette preference.

Crooked Owl Hard Tepache is the first naturally fermented Hard Tepache in the United States. Craft brewed in the spirit of tradition with organic pineapple, piloncillo and cane sugars, and our proprietary tepache culture, our shelf stable Hard Tepache is 5% ABV, naturally gluten free, 100 calories per can, and has zero added sugar.

Crooked Owl hard tepache can, Crooked Owl Jalapiña flavor

Unconventionally crafted, steeped in heritage

While we’ve taken care to stay true to tepache’s deep roots, we put our crooked spin on a centuries old tradition to create a truly unique beverage that everyone can enjoy, because we believe that sessionable moments should be shared among friends. Our fermentation process is simple and inspired by tradition. Crooked Owl Hard Tepache is craft fermented with organic pineapple, piloncillo and cane sugars, purified water, and our proprietary tepache culture that we extracted from the rinds of a pineapple. Each inspired flavor profile is sweetened with a diabetic friendly non-sugar substitute and is kissed with a unique blend of natural flavors to achieve the juicy, pineapple forward flavor.

Crooked Owl hard tepache can, Crooked Owl Jalapiña hard tepache, Crooked Owl Piña hard tepache, Crooked Owl Pasión hard tepache

Crooked Owl Hard Tepache tasting notes

Our dry, pineapple-based Hard Tepache is crisp and effervescent, reminiscent of a fruity natural wine with tropical undertones. Each unique flavor expression offers a hint of sweetness from its pineapple base but doesn’t taste sweet like cider, nor does it taste like a barely flavored seltzer.

Piña – Our traditional expression is of course giving pineapple, but it’s also layered with herbs and baking spices. Its flavor profile is subtly sweet and earthy, yet refreshing and bright like fresh cut grass on a brisk spring day.

Pasión – Our best-selling and juiciest expression is lively, tart, and just a bit sweet. Its flavor profile has aromatic floral notes and a hint of tropical fruitiness.

Jalapiña – Our boldest expression is balanced and vegetal. The same subtle sweetness as our Piña flavor is accented with mango extract and studded with spice and depth from the jalapeño and habanero chilis.

Now that you know all about Crooked Owl Hard Tepache, don’t you think it’s time to Get Crooked? Get all three of our thirst quenching Hard Tepache flavors delivered right to your door and explore our crooked world on Instagram.


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