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¿Que es Tepache?

Tepache, a centuries old fermented pineapple beverage, is an important part of Mexican heritage and cuisine.

History of Tepache

The word tepache is derived from the ancient Nahuatl word tepiatl, which loosely translates to “drink made from corn” – the original main ingredient used to make tepache. It is believed that tepache was a sacred drink for the ancient Aztec and Mayan people, and recipes would differ depending on when and why it was being consumed.

Man pushing a tepache cart
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How Tepache is Made

Funnily enough, there is no universal recipe for tepache even today. Every brew is unique and distinct! Typically, tepache is made by fermenting pineapple scraps, piloncillo brown sugar, and water. Regional aromatics consisting of fruits and spices like jalapeño pepper, cinnamon, ginger, passion fruit, and hibiscus can be included to add flavor. The end result is a fizzy, slightly sweet, easy drinking beverage that is loaded with antioxidants and probiotics. Like kombucha, tepache is traditionally between 0-1% ABV and boasts many health benefits due to its natural probiotic qualities.

This humble beverage is most often made at home, but is also sold streetside and in mercados in plastic cups or baggies. This refreshing drink is best enjoyed as a cool complement to an adobada taco fresh from the trompo.

Crooked Owl Hard Tepache can, Crooked Owl Jalapiña hard tepache, Crooked Owl Piña hard tepache, Crooked Owl Pasión hard tepache

Our Crooked Spin

Crooked Owl Hard Tepache is unconventionally crafted, but steeped in heritage. Inspired by traditional brewing methods, our crooked fermentation process combines our proprietary Tepache culture with organic pineapple, cane and piloncillo sugars, purified water, and yeast. Crooked Owl Hard Tepache is naturally probiotic, low calorie, gluten free, and teeming with shelf stable live cultures and antioxidants. And at 5% ABV, it's the perfect companion for every crooked occasion.

Now that you know all about tepache, don’t you think it’s time to Get Crooked? Get all three of our thirst quenching Hard Tepache flavors delivered right to your door and explore our crooked world on Instagram.

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